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Ceramic Tiles - Put a Little Pep in your...Decor


Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City California is always looking for new and creative ways to deck out your home.  These Ceramic Tiles by Kutahya Seramik are just what we were looking for.  

Morgan Rollins says: When I think of Ceramic floor tiles, terra cotta pavers come to mind, but times are changing.  Technology is always changing the way we look at and use things, ceramic is no different; From car parts to bullet proof vests and now swanky modern tiles. Enjoy the photos. 


The Versatile Collection is produced by Turkish manufacturer Kütahya Seramik and is composed of two different tiles; The Arc and The Axis. This Creative collection offers limitless tiling designs, two tiles   becomes as creative as the one who holds them. 

Due to the 3 dimensional properties of the tile attributed to the raised surfaces in a triangular shape lets you play with the design making a unique masterpiece on every wall.  Here at Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City, California, we hope to implement these creative tiles in a home soon.Colors and shapes are a great way of spicing up your home, why not put some of these beautiful tiles on your wall to give your home it's own identity with these Red Dot Design winning tiles.



 Morgan Mason Rollins and Sharon Layne Rollins of Mason Layne Real Estate in Studio City, California would like to thank you for the taking the time to read this article and hope you found a new and creative way to make your home a place to call your own.